Carl H. Hahn

Carl and Marisa Hahn Foundation (formerly Carl H. Hahn Family Foundation)

Established in 2006, the foundation is a private, non-profit foundation having legal capacity based in Wolfsburg. The foundation was renamed in remembrance of the founder, Marisa Hahn, who died in June 2013.

The purposes of the foundation embrace

  • predominantly education advancement, especially in the area of early childhood education, for example in the form of projects aimed at improving the future perspectives of children by means of learning and language programs at an early and pre-school age;
  • promotion of old people's welfare;
  • support for institutions in the areas of art, culture and the protection of historical buildings and monuments;
  • promotion of science and research, in particular in the area of healthcare;
  • aid for people who have run into difficulties or who are suffering from hardship within the meaning of Article 53 AO (German tax code).

Further information

Early Education

At the moment the foundation, which has a capital of €2.703 million (as at 31.12.2015), operates in Wolfsburg and the neighboring administrative districts, as well as the catchment area of the "Saxony International School Carl Hahn" (SIS), Glauchau/Zwickau since 1 July 2011.

Early Education

At a later stage the geographical funding area is to be expanded to include the cities of Chemnitz, Zwickau and Changchun (China). However, the advancement of science and research is not subject to any geographical limits.


Free service for families with wheelchair-bound relatives.In cooperation with DRK (German Red Cross) Wolfsburg, the Carl und Marisa Hahn Foundation offers a special voluntary transportation service: the free-of-charge provision of the MarisaMobil as means of transportation for private journeys is aimed at making everyday life easier for Wolfsburg families with wheelchair-bound relatives. Where necessary, DRK provides a driver.

Carl Hahn Scholarship

Set up in July 2016, the purpose of the Carl Hahn Scholarship is to give talented young people in the catchment area of Wolfsburg the opportunity to study economics/business management or technology. This offering is primarily aimed at committed students wishing to enrol at a German or international university with orientation to these subjects.

When awarding the scholarship, preference is given to applicants who not only have excellent school-leaving examination grades but can also substantiate their social commitment. Account is also taken of the student’s families’ financial situation. The scholarship has a duration of one year, with the option of an annual extension through to graduation. Regular proof of performance is mandatory.

Young people wishing to apply for a scholarship should please submit their correspondingly informative application to


The foundation’s tasks are exercised by the Foundation Chairman and the Foundation Board of Trustees.

Foundation Council
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Carl H. Hahn, Chairperson
Pia Hahn Marocco, Deputy Chairperson
Ute Krause, member

Foundation Board of Trustees
Dr. jur. Hans-Viggo von Hülsen, Chairperson
Alexander Hahn,
Christopher Hahn,
Peter Hahn,
Prof. Rolf Schnellecke

Ute Krause

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